INSTRUCTIONS: Request(s) for facility use must be submitted to the Church Office no later than two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled event. If your event(s) and/or meeting(s) re-occur annually, your requests are to be submitted to the Church Office at the beginning of each Conference Year. You must have verified approval, in writing, from Mrs. Cheri Smith prior to making any announcements, displaying any advertisements and/or banners or distributing any printed materials regarding your event.

All fliers, programs and printed materials promoting your event must be approved by Pastor Laffoon and/or Mrs. Cheri Smith prior to display and a “REQUEST FOR OFFICE WORK TO BE DONE” form must be completed if the promotional materials are to be done by the Church Office.


Space Requested (please check all that apply)

Indicate the set-up style you prefer in the appropriate box below the diagram.

Style 1: Theater

Style 2: Classroom

Style 3: Confrence

Style 4: Banquet

If this is a recurring event, please list the month, date and year for the entire Conference Year.

Month Day Year

Church BulletinOrganization Will Handle

PodiumOver Head ProjectorTable CoveringProjector Screen
Plates (large)BowlsPlates (small)Cups
Eatery (forks, spoon, knives)Sugar/EqualRegular CoffeeCoffee Decaf